Learn Spanish In Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador is blessed with an unrivalled diversity of nature, cultures, and scenery. From the legendary biodiversity of the Galapagos to the seaside traditions of the Coast, from the many cultures of the Andes to the Indigenous people and adventure of the Amazon rainforest, Ecuador offers a unique and authentic experience. Situated in the northwest corner of South America, Ecuador is the most diverse country in the world in proportion to its area and features:

  • The widest range of flora and fauna per square kilometre in the world!
  • 10% of the world’s plant species
  • 18% of the world’s bird species
  • 35% of all species of humming birds
  • Over 4500 orchid species
… all this in only 0.19% of the earth’s surface!

Ecuadorians are warm, honest and service-oriented people who truly enjoy welcoming foreign visitors to their country. Their friendly nature makes you feel safe and cared for, and you will be treated like a guest rather than a tourist. Ecuadorians are proud of their culture, passionate about conserving their way of life and anxious to share their traditions and rituals with foreigners. On top of all this, the Spanish spoken in Quito is remarkably clear, well pronounced and slow, which makes it easy to understand even for students with little knowledge of the language. When practising Spanish with the “Quiteños” you will be surprised at how quickly and effortlessly your language fluency increases - you won’t feel frustrated about not understanding the local accent.

Quito was the first city to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the first city in Hispanic America to declare its independence from Spain. It has conserved its Colonial charm up to day. Due to Ecuador’s compact size, you can easily travel from Quito to each of the country’s four worlds. A short flight takes you from Quito to the Amazon, to the city of Guayaquil on the Coast, to the southern Andes or to the city of Cuenca. Thanks to a good network of roads and highways, driving within Ecuador is also quick and easy, and is especially recommended for those wishing to witness the dramatic changes in landscapes. Its prime location on the Equator means Ecuador is also a country of eternal springtime. It’s a year-round destination, where everything is only a short distance away.

Not only will your new-acquired Spanish fluency be extremely helpful on your Ecuadorian adventures and in the major part of the Latin American territory: Nowadays Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world and the second most spoken in the United States. For the year 2025 approximately 35% of the United States’ population is estimated to be Hispanic descendants. According to universities in Europe, Spanish is now the most chosen foreign language just after English.

Therefore, go ahead, take this unique opportunity and choose any of the following Spanish language programs. We are more than happy to help you arrange every little detail of your stay in Ecuador and to make sure that at Academia Latinoamericana you are not only going to become a fluent Spanish speaker, but to make an experience for life in our magnificent country:


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Flavours of the Andes Spanish Program

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Cloud Forest Spanish Program

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